Bespoke Furniture Hire for that perfect and unique exhibition area

When it comes to exhibitions and events every exhibitor wants to stand out from the crowd and attract as many customers as possible. The interior of your exhibition area plays a huge role and can either bring people to you or make them avoid the area entirely. Correct layout, colours and furniture are ways to bring people to you. Bespoke furniture hire is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a way to stand out and furniture hire which is friendly for the pocket. 3rd Element can help you with your exhibition furniture needs and help you pick the right bespoke furniture hire solution.

Our bespoke furniture hire range offers the most popular contemporary pieces such as various size cubes, benches, café chairs, tables, stools and poseur tables. You can furnish the exhibition area in a piece of very unique and eye-catching furniture with our multipurpose bespoke cubes. Not only they come in different sizes but also various colours such as light green, blue, red, yellow or pink for those who prefer vivid colours, and for exhibitors who need neutral colour furniture for exhibitions they can choose from grey, black or white. Our bespoke multipurpose furniture can be used as a display stands, seating or decoration on its own.

Make an impression that lasts. Bespoke NEC furniture hire will make your area stand out and combined with your stand design and your welcoming staff, the potential customers are sure to visit your exhibition stand and remember it for long after the event is over.

From furniture exhibition to exhibition furniture.

For those furniture geeks out there, The V&A has a history of furniture design going on.

The Dr Susan Weber Gallery tells the story of furniture design and production spanning the past 600 years and displays more than 200 outstanding pieces, including chairs, tables, bureaux, stools, chests, cabinets and wardrobes. Designers such as Thomas Chippendale, Frank Lloyd Wright, Eileen Gray, Charles and Ray Eames, Tom Dixon and Ron Arad sit alongside lesser-known names all selected for their superior techniques.

This new gallery, located alongside the Ceramics Study Galleries, presents the Museum’s outstanding collection of British and international furniture from the 15th century to the present day. It focuses on questions of form, function, and techniques of construction and decoration in the creation of furniture for over six hundred years.

The team at 3rd element used designer inspiration when selecting our furniture lines.

Some of the designs to be found in our product guide are the DSR chair, Tom Vac, Barcelona chair and Isamu Noguchi’s famous coffee table.

Visit the 3rd element website for details on our range.

For details on the V&A’s exhibition visit

Source: V&A

Happy 295th birthday Thomas…

Today would have been the 295th Birthday of Thomas Chippendale.

Thomas Chippendale was a London cabinet marker and furniture designer in the mid-Georgian, English Rococo, and Neoclassical styles. In 1754 he published a book of his designs, titled The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director. The designs are regarded as reflecting the current London fashion for furniture for that period.

Chippendale was much more than just a cabinet maker, he was an interior designer who advised on soft furnishings and even the colour a room should be painted. Chippendale often took on large-scale commissions from aristocratic clients.

So happy birthday Thomas from all of us within the furniture Hire world.

A provincial Chippendale-style chair with elaborate "Gothick" tracery splat back
A provincial Chippendale-style chair with elaborate “Gothick” tracery splat back









Source: Wiki


Bespoke Elements…

The Bespoke Elements range is designed to put you in control.

Within the range we have 25 different items which include Bar Stool, Table nests, Sofa, chair, coffee table and numerous display plinths and cubes. The range is available in a dozen foundation colours.

And that’s just the stock items.

You can send us you own deigns and dimensions along with your own Pantone™ code to give you endless combinations for a totally individual and eye catching stand.

We will be officially unveiling the range next month, we will keep you posted.

The rest of our range is available right now at 3rd element

Element 1100 and jam stools
Element 1100 Table & Jam Stools.

Par for the course…



The Manchester Golf Show will be held from April 5th-7th at EventCity, adjacent to the Trafford Centre.

After eight years and fourteen successful shows in London and Birmingham, the Golf Show Group is bringing a golf show to the sports mad North West for the first time.

The Manchester Golf Show is designed to provide a truly interactive experience for golfers of all ages with informed expert advice, FREE PGA tuition, a massive indoor Driving Range, Custom fitting, Club testing, Simulators and the latest golf gadgets, and is supported by some of the biggest and best household names in golf.

3rd Element are the official furniture contractor to the show.

Doors Open:  Friday 10am – 5pm   Saturday 10am – 5pm   Sunday 10am – 4pm

To visit the show, click for tickets:

The Barcelona.

Barcelona chair & Ottoman


The Barcelona chair was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. It was originally designed for the German Pavilion, their entry for the International Exposition of 1929, which was hosted by Barcelona, Spain.

The frame was initially designed to be bolted together, but was redesigned in 1950 using stainless steel, which allowed the frame to be formed by a seamless piece of metal, giving it a smoother appearance. Bovine leather replaced the ivory-colored pigskin which was used for the original pieces.

The Barcelona chair and sofa are one of the designer led pieces we have chosen for our range.

View them here at 3rd Element Furniture Hire



Can i have a 1st class stamp?…. That’s £5m please!















In 1855, Sweden issued its first postage stamps, a set of five depicting the Swedish coat of arms, with denominations ranging from 3 to 24 skillings banco. The 3-skilling banco value was normally printed in a blue-green color, while the 8-skilling was printed in a yellowish orange shade. It is not known exactly what went wrong, but the most likely explanation is that a cliché of the 8-skilling printing plate was damaged or broken, and mistakenly replaced with a 3-skilling cliché. The number of stamps printed in the wrong color is unknown and only one is still in existence.

Weighing just 0.03 grams, the tiny Treskilling Yellow is thought to be the most valuable thing in existence by weight and volume.

It only survives today thanks to a 14-year-old Swedish schoolboy who rescued it from his grandmother’s rubbish bin in 1885 and sold it onto a dealer for the lowly price of seven Kroner.

The stamp was last sold to an anonymous collector in 2010 and was estimated to have fetched a staggering £5m!

For those philatelists amongst you get yourselves down to the BDC this week for Stampex Spring 2013.



The STAMPEX Show is one of the most outstanding philatelic shows in Great Britain that celebrates philately in many ways, as well as presenting a wide range of collectables, including stamps, postcards and other items for the public to buy and collect.  With many bargains to waiting to be discovered, unique opportunities may be presented for exploring stamp collections or indivitual items, and of course, interact with many leading local and international suppliers, dealers, wholesalers and resellers.
Over the past years, hoards of committed and dedicated collectors have praised our events.  One of our Show attractions is our limited edition Show Souvenirs with special Stampex first day cancellation are available to buy and collect.

3rd element are the official furniture hire contractors to Stampex, supplying over 2000 items to the show including lockers to keep those all important stamps safe and secure.

source: Wiki & PTS


The Designers: Noguchi.


Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988) was one of the twentieth century’s most important and critically acclaimed sculptors.  Through a lifetime of artistic experimentation, he created sculptures, gardens, furniture and lighting designs, ceramics, architecture, and set designs.  His work, at once subtle and bold, traditional and modern, set a new standard for the reintegration of the arts.

In 1926 Noguchi saw an exhibition in New York of the work of Constantin Brancusi’s that profoundly changed his artistic direction.  With a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, Noguchi went to Paris, and from 1927 to 1929 worked in Brancusi’s studio.  Inspired by the older artist’s reductive forms, Noguchi turned to modernism and a kind of abstraction, infusing his highly finished pieces with a lyrical and emotional expressiveness, and with an aura of mystery.

In 1985 Noguchi opened The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum (now known as The Noguchi Museum), in Long Island City, New York.  The Museum, established and designed by the artist, marked the culmination of his commitment to public spaces.  Located in a 1920s industrial building across the street from where the artist had established a studio in 1960, it has a serene outdoor sculpture garden, and many galleries that display Noguchi’s work, along with photographs and models from his career.

Noguchi’s first retrospective in the United States was in 1968, at the Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York City.  In 1986, he represented the United States at the Venice Biennale.  Noguchi received the Edward MacDowell Medal for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to the Arts in 1982; the Kyoto Prize in Arts in 1986; the National Medal of Arts in 1987; and the Order of Sacred Treasure from the Japanese government in 1988.  He died in New York City in 1988.

The Noguchi coffee table is one of the many iconic designer influenced pieces we at 3rd element  have chosen for our range.



Snow Day.

Why not take advantage of todays snow day and build something different.

Snowmen are ok. Snow angels are fun. And everybody loves a snowball fight. But take some inspiration from Hongtao Zhou.

Hongtao Zhou is a designer, artist and researcher working in the interdisciplinary areas of furniture design, sculptural installation and performance. Hongtao started his career in Harbin of China as a designer and sculptor. Hongtao is also a winner of the silver medal at the International Snow Sculpture Competition Quebec.

Amongst his works is the amazing snow sculpture ‘Lantern Pray’ which depicts a Jellyfish leaving lanterns in the ocean for South Asia Tsunami victims.









And Ice & Snow Furniture Raised From Lake Mendota. The icy furniture was created on frozen Lake Mendota near the UW-Madison Memorial Union Terrace shoreline. Visitors stops by taking pictures, eating ice cream with snow bowls and trying the cold ice chairs. The icy furniture makes the winter Terrace shoreline a place to enjoy winter fun.