Can i have a 1st class stamp?…. That’s £5m please!















In 1855, Sweden issued its first postage stamps, a set of five depicting the Swedish coat of arms, with denominations ranging from 3 to 24 skillings banco. The 3-skilling banco value was normally printed in a blue-green color, while the 8-skilling was printed in a yellowish orange shade. It is not known exactly what went wrong, but the most likely explanation is that a cliché of the 8-skilling printing plate was damaged or broken, and mistakenly replaced with a 3-skilling cliché. The number of stamps printed in the wrong color is unknown and only one is still in existence.

Weighing just 0.03 grams, the tiny Treskilling Yellow is thought to be the most valuable thing in existence by weight and volume.

It only survives today thanks to a 14-year-old Swedish schoolboy who rescued it from his grandmother’s rubbish bin in 1885 and sold it onto a dealer for the lowly price of seven Kroner.

The stamp was last sold to an anonymous collector in 2010 and was estimated to have fetched a staggering £5m!

For those philatelists amongst you get yourselves down to the BDC this week for Stampex Spring 2013.



The STAMPEX Show is one of the most outstanding philatelic shows in Great Britain that celebrates philately in many ways, as well as presenting a wide range of collectables, including stamps, postcards and other items for the public to buy and collect.  With many bargains to waiting to be discovered, unique opportunities may be presented for exploring stamp collections or indivitual items, and of course, interact with many leading local and international suppliers, dealers, wholesalers and resellers.
Over the past years, hoards of committed and dedicated collectors have praised our events.  One of our Show attractions is our limited edition Show Souvenirs with special Stampex first day cancellation are available to buy and collect.

3rd element are the official furniture hire contractors to Stampex, supplying over 2000 items to the show including lockers to keep those all important stamps safe and secure.

source: Wiki & PTS



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