Bespoke Furniture Hire for that perfect and unique exhibition area

When it comes to exhibitions and events every exhibitor wants to stand out from the crowd and attract as many customers as possible. The interior of your exhibition area plays a huge role and can either bring people to you or make them avoid the area entirely. Correct layout, colours and furniture are ways to bring people to you. Bespoke furniture hire is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a way to stand out and furniture hire which is friendly for the pocket. 3rd Element can help you with your exhibition furniture needs and help you pick the right bespoke furniture hire solution.

Our bespoke furniture hire range offers the most popular contemporary pieces such as various size cubes, benches, café chairs, tables, stools and poseur tables. You can furnish the exhibition area in a piece of very unique and eye-catching furniture with our multipurpose bespoke cubes. Not only they come in different sizes but also various colours such as light green, blue, red, yellow or pink for those who prefer vivid colours, and for exhibitors who need neutral colour furniture for exhibitions they can choose from grey, black or white. Our bespoke multipurpose furniture can be used as a display stands, seating or decoration on its own.

Make an impression that lasts. Bespoke NEC furniture hire will make your area stand out and combined with your stand design and your welcoming staff, the potential customers are sure to visit your exhibition stand and remember it for long after the event is over.

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